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Cody on Roulette Gamble:

Jake Cody "It just landed on black perfectly, too. It just stopped dead, it looked a little bit rigged actually." Yong took it in good enough spirits, according to Cody. And while one might expect the aftermath of such a crazy event to involve more drinking and partying, that apparently wasn't the case. "It was Sunday night in Nottingham and it was quite late at that point already," Cody said. "There wasn't that much to do, there wasn't many places to go. We decided to save it and celebrate at the Irish Open in Dublin this weekend." Jake Cody was all smiles after he binked on black. While Cody may have decided to retire for a well-deserved bout of sleep, the tale and tape of what happened was busy spreading across the internet. The next morning, the British pro woke up to an explosion of digital love from people all across the world who had seen the now-viral video. Every conceivable avenue of communication had been flooded with dozens, if not hundreds of messages.

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